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NANFU Battery joins hands with China Aerospace ASES to create aerospace quality

The year 2022 marks the seventh China Space Day and the 66th anniversary of the founding of China's space industry. Coincing with the successful return of Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft, NANFU Battery, as the official cooperative battery brand of China's space industry, promises to always take space quality as the requirement, take space spirit as the guide, by creating good products trusted by consumers, determined to be a national brand model, and help everyone achieve quality life.

Continuous deep cultivation in the achievement of aerospace quality, with great concentration to create a national brand

The theme of this year's China Space Day is "Space enlightens dreams". As the official cooperative battery brand of China's aerospace industry, The success of NANFU Battery is inseparable from its decades of building space quality. Founded for more than 30 years, NANFU Battery has always deeply engaged in the field of small batteries. The 15-year survey of Chinese household appliances has made NANFU Battery better understand consumers' pursuit of electrical experience, so as to constantly improve the technology iteration and upgrade, and create a good product with hard strength in space and endurance.

NANFU Battery, moreover, has focused on maintaining China's battery production ability and independent research and development production to the leading level in the world, becoming the benchmark of Chinese battery industry brand and leaders and national brand with strong international influence, hoping that the "China power" is passed to the homes around the world, let the world witness with "energy" of China.

The in-depth implementation of the aerospace spirit, constantly improve the consumers’ experience





As Huang Weifen, chief designer of the astronaut system, said, manned spaceflight is "extraordinary achievements made by ordinary, famous by unknown". Behind the astronauts, there are countless scientific researchers who are committed to struggle and persevere silently.

Behind NANFU Battery there is the profound Nanfu engineer culture, and countless front-line engineers. In order to make more durable, safe and environmentally friendly batteries, they continue to polish product quality day after day, study cutting-edge technology, with almost stubborn persistence, to create generation after generation of stronger performance, better quality, more satisfying products.

It is worth mentioning that the dedication to research and development has been hidden in the corporate culture of Nanfu. In the 1990s, NANFU Battery successfully broke the monopoly of "foreign brand" batteries in the domestic market, and now the third-generation products of poly ring are on the market, renewing the battery durability record once again. For decades since its inception, NANFU Battery has always maintained full devotion to technology and polished small batteries as handicrafts to ensure that every battery in the hands of consumers is a high-quality product and the most reliable "Chinese energy".


Scientific and technological innovation leads China's smart manufacturing

The white paper "China's Space 2021" released last year specifically mentioned that innovation should be upheld as the core of the development of China's space industry, scientific and technological innovation led by original ideas should be strengthened, the innovation ecosystem should be continuously optimized, and China's capacity for independent and safe space development should be continuously enhanced.

Independent innovation is the core competitiveness.NANFU Battery will continue to be the official cooperative battery brand of China Aerospace industry. Under the guidance of aerospace spirit and aerospace quality, NANFU Battery will adhere to scientific and technological innovation, constantly challenge itself, conform to the trend of the times, continue to empower China's "smart" manufacturing through cutting-edge technology and excellent products, and highlight the strength of Chinese science and technology. Become a shining name card of the battery field "Made in China".

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