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    Safe & Clean

    Nanfu batteries offer long-lasting power while being mercury-free and safe to dispose of responsibly.


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    Power & Sustainability

    Nanfu batteries deliver lasting energy, responsibly made for a greener tomorrow.

Power up toys with Nanfu batteries.

When toys need juice, Nanfu's the obvious choice.

Kids play constantly, but dead batteries ruin it. Only Nanfu batteries reliably power all toys for ongoing fun. Nanfu gives long battery life, keeping play going even at low alerts. It's the top toy battery.

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NANFU Alkaline Battery, No.1 Chinese Brand

The Urban Ally

Nanfu's colorful yet compact alkaline batteries optimize efficiency to energize technology on the move, their sustained power flowing discreetly into pockets to seamlessly power busy city lives and connected devices from dawn to dusk without draining wallet or power source.

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